The law firm of Marci D. Silver, P.A. handles a large range of criminal cases, both felonies and misdemeanors including serious felonies such as Home Invasion, Sale of Cocaine, and Aggravated Battery to serious misdemeanors such as domestic battery, stalking, driver’s license suspension and much more.

With more than ten years of experience including valuable insight as a former public defender with exposure to many different cases, Marci D. Silver has brought nearly a hundred (100) cases to trial.  As a trial lawyer, Ms. Silver is also very capable at handling the many facets of family law and child custody disputes.    While Ms. Silver believes in helping families to reach full agreements in disputes over time sharing with children and property divisions, sometimes a resolution can’t be reached between the parties and trial is the only option.  Having a trial lawyer for your family law needs can make a difference when it comes to properly preparing your case for final hearing.

Why Does Marci Put So Much Information Online?

The goal of this site is not only to help you understand what you may be facing but to also reach out to potential clients who simply need a comprehensive look at the options available to them when building a strong defense.

Is Your College Student Facing Criminal Charges?

Parents of University of Florida and Santa Fe College students should rest assured that Ms. Silver understands the hand wringing concerns they may have when their children are faced with seemingly insurmountable charges.  Sometimes a simple video conference (via Skype or Google) will ease some of those concerns.

Learn More About Your Charges

And with our latest feature, you can explore common criminal charges, their implications and how Ms. Silver might analyze your case.  Check out the “Help! I Was Charged With _____” for more information.  Ms. Silver had handled hundreds of cases over her 13+ years of work in litigation and knows that every case has unique facts and circumstances that require individualized attention.  Ms. Silver is dedicated to giving each client personalized attention in their case and to being available for any of their questions.

Flexible, Approachable, Accessible

Thanks for stopping by and remember, Ms. Silver makes every effort to be accessible to her clients.  She is very email friendly and often just a phone call away!

Serving:  Most of North Central Florida

Office: Gainesville