About Marci

My name is Marci Silver.  I am a resident of Gainesville, Florida and I am a Florida native.   I graduated from University of Florida Law School in 1999 and have been practicing trial law ever since.  I have mostly practiced in the area of criminal law but I handle family and civil work as well.  I have tried many cases at both the misdemeanor and felony level from domestic battery to home invasion robberies in over 50 trials and have handled complicated multi-jurisdiction family law matters.

If you have to contact a lawyer, it’s generally not for a pleasant situation.  I understand my clients are going through a difficult time and I enjoy being able to help them feel better about their situation and give them an ally with knowledge and skill to navigate their legal troubles.  I have believed since becoming a lawyer that I am in a service field and as such I work for my clients.  My goal is to give as much information to a client as possible so that they may make an informed and reasoned decision in their situation.  It is not my job to make the most difficult decisions for my clients but for me to merely be their guide to a final resolution.

You may contact The Law Office of Marci D. Silver, P.A. either by phone at (352) 381-0082, in writing at P.O. Box 357561, Gainesville, Florida 32635, or leave an email on this website. I look forward to being able to assist you!

Please feel free to read any of the blog entries I have listed in the Criminal and General categories to get an idea of the services I can provide to you as well as helpful information for your situation. I look forward to helping you through your difficult time.

Consultations by appointment only please.